Ladies Division

The Edmonton Ladies' Golf Association (ELGA) was formed in 1934 with five clubs: The Edmonton Country Club, The Municipal (Victoria), the Highlands Golf Club, the Mayfair Golf & Country Club and the Prince Rupert. The Highlands Golf Club hosted the first ELGA tournament in 1935, called the City Golf Tourney. The tournament had two divisions, a silver and a bronze. The silver division championship was won by Mrs. H.A. Lowe of the Edmonton Country Club, and the bronze division championship by Mrs. John Michaels of the Mayfair.

Today the ELGA, now called EGA Ladies Division. hosts the Edmonton Ladies’ Amateur Tournament, which includes ladies, seniors and super seniors. Each year, in rotation, a different club hosts the event .

In addition to Interclub competition, each EGA ladies' club visits another EGA ladies' club and hosts a member club sometime during the golfing season. The two clubs mutally agree upon dates. 


Registration is openSubaru City Edmonton Men's and Senior Men's Amateur

2018 Edmonton Women's Amateur, Senior & Super-Senior Championship Results