Ladies & Senior Ladies Amateur - Scores - Day 1 - Net Score by Division

Location: Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club

Date: Jun 20, 2011-Jun 21, 2011

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POS.ParPlayerFlightGross TotalHdcpR1Net Total
Division: Amateur
1.+2Kylie Barros - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club17527573
2.+10Kristen Lee - Glendale Golf & Country Club28398374
3.+10Candace Dechant - Glendale Golf & Country Club18378376
4.+13Tammy Oberik - Glendale Golf & Country Club286108676
5.+14Melissa Saken - 287118776
6.+20Kim Baden - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club393169377
7.+13Gail Barros - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club18688678
8.+15Cheryl Harrison - Devon Golf & Conference Centre288108878
9.+12Barbara Flaman - Windermere Golf & Country Club18558580
10.+17Cindy Smith - Leduc Golf & Country Club19089082
11.+16Sheila Davey - Highlands Golf Club18978982
12.+15Alison Christensen - Royal Mayfair Golf Club18858883
13.+22Lynn Senetchko - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)295109585
14.+20Patricia German - Royal Mayfair Golf Club19389385
15.+28Jeneth McElroy - Derrick Golf & Winter Club31011510186
16.+41Christina Gil - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club31142811486
17.+19Joelle Fougere - Stony Plain Golf and Country Club19269286
18.+23Sonia Acheson - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club296109686
19.+23Traci Bateman - Blackhawk Golf Club296109686
20.+24Diana Kastelic - 297109787
21.+30Betty Fisher - Stony Plain Golf and Country Club31031610387
22.+22Jodi McAvoy - Royal Mayfair Golf Club19589587
23.+30Sharie Woycenko - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)31031610387
24.+41Diane Roed - 31142311491
25.+25Lacey Cribb - 19879891
26.+33Dee Bateman - Blackhawk Golf Club31061510691
27.+30Terry Trotchie - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)21031110392
28.+37Alanna Jefferis - 31101811092
29.+43Brenda Aston - Belvedere Golf & Country Club31162111695
30.+32Kimberley Sabourin - Sandpiper Golf & Country Club21051010595
31.+51Heather Viteychuk - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)312417124107
Division: Seniors 50+
1.+12Bonnie Schmidt - Belvedere Golf & Country ClubS185118574
2.+13Charlotte Carrier-Reilly - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Clubs286128674
3.+11Carol Stevens - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country ClubS18498475
4.+18Sandra Nugent - Highlands Golf Clubs291139178
5.+17Katherine Willson - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country ClubS290129078
6.+21Suzan Blatt - Glendale Golf & Country Clubs394169478
7.+14Margot Trembath - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s18798778
8.+27Cheryl Doucet - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s41002010080
9.+23Marlene McKay - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Clubs396169680
10.+33Shirley Kushnir - Leduc Golf & Country Clubs51062610680
11.+16Mary Young - Royal Mayfair Golf ClubS18988981
12.+21Carol Kinnee - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs294129482
13.+28Lynda Schuler - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Clubs41011910182
14.+19Linda Sharpe - Glendale Golf & Country Clubs192109282
15.+21Gerri Dolhaniuk - s294129482
16.+22Ellen Hughes - Devon Golf & Conference Centres295139582
17.+36Diane MacDonald - Leduc Golf & Country ClubS51092710982
18.+35Norma Gitzel - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s51082610882
19.+29Janice Lamarre - Blackhawk Golf Clubs41022010282
20.+27Betty Adams - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Clubs31001810082
21.+26Mary Hauge - Highlands Golf Clubs399169983
22.+20Sherrin Forster - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs193109383
23.+28Myrl Coulter - Royal Mayfair Golf Clubs31011810183
24.+35Lynn Drozdiak - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s41082510883
25.+22Stephania Duffee - Glendale Golf & Country Clubs295129583
26.+26Goldie Kane - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Clubs399169983
27.+29Karen Currey - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs31021810284
28.+22Elaine George - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country Clubs195119584
29.+24Grace Predy - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s297139784
30.+28Doreen Dahl - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs31011610185
31.+29Eileen Dubetz - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s31021710285
32.+24Sheila Jaques - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs297129785
33.+24Deloris Debeurs - Belvedere Golf & Country Clubs297129785
34.+29Kathie Bone - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country Clubs31021610286
35.+22Gina Loree - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s19599586
36.+24Marilyn Cox - Royal Mayfair Golf Clubs197119786
37.+34Betty Gegolick - Broadmoor Public Golf Courses41072110786
38.+40Shamim Juma - Glendale Golf & Country ClubS51132711386
39.+41Margaret (Marge) McLaughlin - Stony Plain Golf and Country Clubs51142711487
40.+32Natalie Craig - Broadmoor Public Golf Courses31051710588
41.+32Bev Porter - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs31051610589
42.+41Pat Garvey - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s41142511489
43.+37Donna Finucane - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Clubs41102011090
44.+35Lori Paush - Highlands Golf Clubs31081810890
45.+38Gailene Shearer - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Clubs41112011191
46.+50Kathy Borden - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s51233212391
47.+34Janice Martin - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s21071510792
48.+42Sheila Ouellet - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubs41152211593
49.+42Bev Boersma - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s41152211593
50.+57Gladys Odegard - Windermere Golf & Country Clubs51303313097
51.+54Doraine Awid - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s512727127100
52.+61Janice Loree Symon - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s513429134105
53.+72Sandra Willis - Highlands Golf Clubs514528145117
54.-73Marlene Klemick - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s50270-27
55.-73Elaine Maloney - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)s1090-9
Division: Super-Seniors 65+
1.+18Jean Leahy - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Clubss191139178
2.+29Christine Choi - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Clubss11022410278
3.+20Jean Melnychuk - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)ss193129381
4.+22Joyce Carrington - Windermere Golf & Country Clubss195129583
5.+38Harriet Ferrari - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)ss11112711184
6.+38Christine Schlese - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubss11112611185
7.+31Barbara Campbell - Windermere Golf & Country Clubss11041510489
8.+35Marlene Kurt - Raven Crest Golf & Country Clubss11081610892
9.+46Joy Edwards - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)ss11192511994
10.+46Meril Singer - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)ss11192111998


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