2014 Edmonton Ladies Amateur, Senior & Super-Senior Championship - Scores - Day 1 - Net Score by Division

Location: Broadmoor Golf Course

Date: Jun 16, 2014-Jun 17, 2014

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POS.ParPlayerFlightGross TotalHdcpR1Net Total
Division: Amateur
1.0Sydney MacDonald - AB Private Club PlayerA17217271
2.+16Jeneth McElroy - Derrick Golf & Winter ClubA288158873
3.+18Sandra Schell - RCGA Public PlayerA290169074
4.+12Rayna Oosterhuis - Windermere Golf & Country ClubA18498475
5.+25Catherine Page - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubA297229775
6.+23Julie Beardsell - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)A295209575
7.+10Erin Martens - Windermere Golf & Country ClubA18278275
8.+14Alison Christensen - Royal Mayfair Golf ClubA18688678
9.+6Kylie Barros - Non-MemberA17807878
10.+25Brenda Aston - Belvedere Golf & Country ClubA297199778
11.+18Daniela Donnelly - Glendale Golf & Country ClubA190119079
12.+16Diana Kastelic - Public playerA18898879
13.+10Bari Erais - Public PlayerA18228280
14.+17Cindy Smith - Leduc Golf & Country ClubA18988981
15.+26Alaina Martin - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country ClubA298169882
16.+28Connie Sneddon - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubA21001710083
17.+41Bernadette Krumm - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)A21132711386
18.+39Linda Meyer - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubA21112511186
19.+36Diane Roed - Public PlayerA21082110887
20.+43Linda Mitchell - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubA21152011595
21.-72France Montour - Stony Plain Golf and Country ClubA1090-9
22.-72Jessica Luciuk - Barrhead Golf ClubA1020-2
Division: Senior 50+
1.+14Glenda Perry - Highlands Golf ClubS386198667
2.+11Gerri Dolhaniuk - Northern Bear Golf ClubS283168367
3.+2Barbara Flaman - Windermere Golf & Country ClubS17457469
4.+17Elaine Shannon - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S389208969
5.+18Karen Currey - Raven Crest Golf & Country ClubS390209070
6.+23Debbie Dittaro - Broadmoor Public Golf Courses495259570
7.+8Elaine Maloney - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S18098071
8.+19Cheryl Doucet - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S391199172
9.+22Lynda Froment - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country ClubS494229472
10.+9Carol Stevens - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country ClubS18188173
11.+16Tui Horan - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS288158873
12.+9Trix Baker - Derrick Golf & Winter ClubS18178174
13.+6Linda Morris - Royal Mayfair Golf ClubS17847874
14.+25Jan Loree Symon - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S497239774
15.+22Marilyn Bourassa - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S394199475
16.+16Janice Martin - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S288138875
17.+21Rita Richard - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country ClubS393189375
18.+19Stephania Duffee - Glendale Golf & Country ClubS291149177
19.+13Gina Loree - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S18588577
20.+14Linda Sharpe - Glendale Golf & Country ClubS18698677
21.+31Linda White - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubS41032610377
22.+34Marlene Klemick - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S41062910677
23.+32Shirley Kushnir - Leduc Golf & Country ClubS41042710477
24.+13Cheryl Van Dornick - Camrose Golf ClubS18588577
25.+17Sandi Williams - Belvedere Golf & Country ClubS289128977
26.+21Lynda Schuler - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S293159378
27.+13Gail Barros - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country ClubS18578578
28.+27Christine Etches - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS399219978
29.+20Jo-Ann Pethybridge - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S292149278
30.+20Sandra Nugent - Highlands Golf ClubS292149278
31.+46Karen Crothers - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS41183911879
32.+25Madonna Dyson - Belvedere Golf & Country ClubS397189779
33.+25Sue Shigehiro - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS397189779
34.+36Mary Lou Fitzgerald - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S41082810880
35.+23Marlene Engel - Belvedere Golf & Country ClubS295159580
36.+30Bev Boersma - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S31022110281
37.+17Mary Young - Royal Mayfair Golf ClubS18988981
38.+24Ellen Hughes - Devon Golf & Conference CentreS296149682
39.+19Bonnie Schmidt - Belvedere Golf & Country ClubS19199182
40.+28Pat Garvey - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S31001810082
41.+26Melissa Craig - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS298159883
42.+34Diane MacDonald - Leduc Golf & Country ClubS41062210684
43.+26Stephanie Eacott - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)S298139885
44.+43Barbara Koshuta - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS41152911586
45.+42Gea Magnan - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseS41142611488
46.+41Lynda Ung - Leduc Golf & Country ClubS41132311390
Division: Super Senior 65+
1.+32Margaret Farwell - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseSS21043610468
2.+20Nancy Gall - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS292249268
3.+24Joy Edwards - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS296289668
4.+16Natalie Craig - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseSS188188870
5.+17Kathie Bone - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubSS189178972
6.+21Donna Finucane - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country ClubSS193219372
7.+19Barbara Campbell - Windermere Golf & Country ClubSS191199172
8.+25Helen Patrie - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseSS297259772
9.+29Nora Craddock - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseSS21012810173
10.+12Joyce Carrington - Windermere Golf & Country ClubSS184108474
11.+36Gladys Odegard - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS21083410874
12.+14Elaine George - Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country ClubSS186118675
13.+23Eileen Dubetz - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS195199576
14.+19Marlene Kurt - Raven Crest Golf & Country ClubSS191149177
15.+20Donna G Rawson - Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country ClubSS192159277
16.+29Margaret Bayko - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseSS21012410177
17.+30Lois Payne - Glendale Golf & Country ClubSS21022310279
18.+17Doris Bayrak - Stony Plain Golf and Country ClubSS18998980
19.+30Betty Gegolick - Broadmoor Public Golf CourseSS21022210280
20.+23Jean Melnychuk - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS195159580
21.+31Christine Schlese - Raven Crest Golf & Country ClubSS21032210381
22.+29Meril Singer - Mill Woods Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS11011910182
23.+46Audrey Gardiner - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)SS21183411884


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