2014 Sherwood Nissan Edmonton Mens Amateur - Scores - Day 1 - Net Score by Division

Location: Sturgeon Valley & Windermere

Date: Aug 24, 2014-Aug 25, 2014

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POS.ParPlayerFlightGross TotalHdcpR1Net Total
Division: Open
1.+7Gord Eikeland - Victoria Golf Club (does not include Juniors)79117968
2.+1Trevor Pond - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club7347369
3.+9Evan Rawe - The Quarry 81108171
4.+12Ken Mercier - The Quarry84138471
5.+1Scott Kynock - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)7327371
6.+1Grant Rennie - The Links7327371
7.+4Kyle Jeske - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club7647672
8.+2Alex Large - Stewart Creek7427472
9.+1Cody Adolph - Stony Plain Golf and Country Club7317372
10.+3James Monsees - Glendale Golf & Country Club7527573
11.+4Kevin Sieben - Northern Bear Golf Club7637673
12.+5Jake Lecuyer - RCGA7747773
13.+2Jay Astles - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)7417473
14.+1Brian Laubman - Highlands Golf Club7307373
15.+4Terrance Clackson - Glendale Golf & Country Club7627674
16.+8Mike Agouros - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club8068074
17.+3Peter Nesbitt - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)7517574
18.+7Ian Thomson - Public Players7957974
19.+13Greg Anaka - Broadmoor Public Golf Course85118574
20.+6Evan Wenger - Highlands Golf Club7847874
21.+13Lowell Prince - Whitetail Crossing85118574
22.+10Brian Payne - Public Players Club8288274
23.+5Robert Ferguson - Glendale Golf & Country Club7737774
24.+7Peter Heary - Edmonton Golf & Country Club7957974
25.+9Todd Ziniuk - Glendale Golf & Country Club8168175
26.+9Connor Beeston - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)8168175
27.+9Murray Dolhaniuk - Northen Bear8168175
28.+8Curtis Laubman - Highlands Golf Club8058075
29.+12Vincent Andrusiak - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club8498475
30.+5Eric Bracke - Wainwright Golf Club7727775
31.+7Mark Dashkewytch - Stony Plain Golf and Country Club7947975
32.+7Scott Murray - Raven Crest Golf & Country Club7937976
33.+8Marco Scivoletto - Glendale Golf & Country Club8048076
34.+4Garrett Scott - Red Deer Golf & Country Club7607676
35.+12Ross Genovy - Highlands Golf Club8488476
36.+6Barrett Belland - Glendale Golf & Country Club7827876
37.+11Peter Blandy - Devon Golf & Conference Centre8368377
38.+6Stephen Yanitski - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club7817877
39.+7James Ness - Edmonton Golf & Country Club7927977
40.+10Brodie White - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)8258277
41.+9Bob Dufresne - Stony Plain Golf and Country Club8138178
42.+16Steve Shipley - The Quarry88108878
43.+21Jarrod Young - non member93159378
44.+6Larry Kennedy - Lewis Estates7807878
45.+8Chris Dolhaniuk - Northern Bear8028078
46.+6Andrew Dingwall - Broadmoor Public Golf Course7807878
47.+16Rob Gosset - Public Player88108878
48.+7Justin Coderre - Glendale Golf & Country Club7917978
49.+16Brad Lafreniere - The Quarry8898879
50.+9James Lemieux - Leduc Golf & Country Club8128179
51.+11Scott Brinsmead - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)8348379
52.+9Keith Rogers - The Ranch8128179
53.+11Derek Craik - Black Bull8348379
54.+13David Nimmo - The Quarry8568579
55.+9Cody Guse - Glendale Golf & Country Club8118180
56.+15Barry Stewart - Northern Bear8778780
57.+8Brandon Zimmerman - Windermere Golf & Country Club8008080
58.+13Darryl Black - Stony Plain Golf and Country Club8548581
59.+9Wayne Gillespie - Glendale Golf & Country Club8108181
60.+16Jerry Chisholm - Raven Crest Golf & Country Club8878881
61.+13Curtis Sexsmith - Glendale Golf & Country Club8538582
62.+19Derek MacDonald - Raven Crest Golf & Country Club9189183
63.+11Cole Feth - Camrose Golf Club8308383
64.+11Matt Mcfadyen - Leduc Golf & Country Club8308383
65.+19Drew Karlstrom - Riverside Golf Club (does not include Juniors)9189183
66.+15Michael Vaessen - Black bull 8738784
67.+12Connor O'Reilly - Edmonton Golf & Country Club8408484
68.+15Bryn Dergousoff - Royal Mayfair Golf Club8718786
69.+18Graham Slavik - No Club9049086
70.+20Brian Jacobs - ppc9249288
71.+25Cameron Burr - Broadmoor Public Golf Course9789789
72.+18Christian Frialde - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club9009090
73.+23Tom McLean - The Quarry9509595
74.-72Steven Davis - Jagare Ridge Golf & Country Club0100-10


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