Tournament Rules & Regulations

  1. Competitors must be an amateur golfer as defined by Golf Canada and a member in good standing of a recognized national golf association.
  2. RCGA handicap factors are used to determine handicaps. A handicap card does not need to be presented at the time of tournament registration. Handicaps are frozen the week before play and cannot be changed at the tournament. Tournament officials obtain handicaps through Golf Canada. If you do not maintain your handicap with Golf Canada, your Club representative will be called to verify your handicap. You must keep your handicap in a certified program (e.g. Tee-On).
  3. Entries are accepted on first-come first-served basis, unless otherwise stated on the information web page. Tournament applications are subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee.
  4.  All entries must be paid in full as per the registration guidlines 
  5. Competitors, when submitting their tournament registration, agree to abide by: the Alberta Golf Association Code of Conduct
  6. Entries must be received by midnight on the closing entry date. 
  7. Entry fees are based on EGA membership affiliation. Your EGA membership affiliation is determined by Edmonton Golf Associate member organizations. Non-members may participate in EGA tournaments, but may have to pay a surcharge in addition to the tournament fee.


2021 Tournament of Champions October

2021 Family Tournament September